The fundamental elements of our compliance program are described below. Note that our compliance program is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs and demands of the compliance environment and of EndoShape. We continuously review and enhance our compliance program, and reserve the right to continue to do so at any time in the future without notice.


​EndoShape’s Global Compliance program is led by our Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). The CCO makes periodic reports to the Executive management of the company. This officer also chairs our Compliance Steering Committee, which provides strategic direction and oversight regarding the implementation of our compliance program.

​Written Standards

Our Code of Conduct is a cornerstone of our compliance program, and provides guidance on business conduct and practices to all EndoShape team members. While the implementation of a compliance program cannot guarantee that all improper employee conduct will be eliminated, it is EndoShape’s expectation that each of our team members will comply with our Code of Conduct, and the policies that have been established in support of that code.


EndoShape is committed to fostering effective lines of communication between management and employees. Employee training and education programs increase awareness of the legal and ethical implications of abiding by our Code of Conduct and related policies, and making sound and ethical business decisions. We monitor the nature of inquiries that our compliance program receives and make appropriate adjustments to our training and communications.

​Getting Advice and Reporting

EndoShape provides a number of resources that employees and others can use to ask a question, obtain guidance, or report a Code of Conduct concern. EndoShape strongly encourages use of these resources. One of the resources for reporting concerns is our Anonymous Reporting Line, a toll-free telephone number that anyone can call, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  The toll-free number is 844-870-5069.

​Additional information about calling the Anonymous Reporting Line

No Retaliation

EndoShape does not tolerate any form of retaliation against an individual arising from a good-faith report of a potential violation of our Code of Conduct, a related policy, or of an integrity concern. Retaliation is also prohibited against anyone who participates in an investigation of such a report.

​Monitoring and Auditing

EndoShape’s compliance program includes ongoing efforts to monitor, assess, and audit compliance with our Code of Conduct and related policies. Our compliance program has a dedicated group that conducts both cause and risk-based audits to monitor compliance, identify potential problem areas, and support preventive measures and corrective actions.


EndoShape responds promptly and impartially to questions, concerns, and reports of potential violations of our compliance

program. We have implemented policies and processes for the prompt and proper investigation of such reports.

​Corrective Action

EndoShape’s compliance program includes clear policies that set out the consequences of violating the law, our Code of Conduct, and related policies. Although each situation is considered on a case-by-case basis, EndoShape consistently undertakes appropriate corrective action to address inappropriate conduct and to deter future violations.

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Compliance Program