Compliance and Ethics

EndoShape Inc. is committed to acting ethically in dealing with customers, employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers,

competitors, and the community at large. We will operate legally with respect to all applicable laws. One way that we make this

happen is through the implementation of our Comprehensive Compliance Program (CCP). The primary purpose of our compliance program is to ensure our employees understand what we expect of them by having clear policies and procedures, to prevent violations of laws, regulations, and company policies, and to detect any weaknesses in our systems and correct them. We tailor our program to our unique environment.​

Our Compliance Program
​Our Comprehensive Compliance Program is made up of multiple elements to ensure we can meet the pledge outlined above.

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Code of Conduct

A cornerstone of our outreach to employees is our Code of Conduct that describes expectations of the conduct of employees and management. All employees are trained on the Code of Conduct to ensure they understand their obligations.

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​Communication – Open door policy and Anonymous Reporting

​​At times, questions will come up related to how we do business. We emphasize an open door policy whereby all employees should feel free to ask questions of their supervisor, executive management, and Human Resources, and this serves as a first line to get their questions answered. However, there may be times when an employee feels uncomfortable asking these questions or reporting activity that may be questionable through the regular channels. For these cases, we operate an anonymous reporting line where an employee can ask these questions or report activities they are worried about. This 1-800 number is served through a third party and confidentiality is assured. The employee can leave contact information if they want direct contact and feedback.

All reports will be acted upon and investigated as necessary in a discreet and confidential manner.

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​Our interactions with physicians and other health care professionals are critical to our patient care mission. In collaboration with physicians and other health care providers, we develop new therapies and deliver innovative medical devices and procedures for the benefit of patients. But our interactions are governed by strict federal and state Laws. We strive to comply with these.

​More about our interactions with HCP and the laws governing them.

Patient Privacy and HIPAA

Learn more about what EndoShape does to support health care professionals' HIPAA compliance obligations and to respect the

privacy of patient information, consistent with applicable law and regulations.

​More about Patient Privacy and HIPAA

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